Dynamics 365 Field Service

MY ROLE: Product Designer

Problem Statement

Technicians struggle with navigating mobile forms when they are in the field, current controls and UCI forms are not made for mobile, we need to simplify and organize content hierachy to optimize mobile experience as a whole.

Current Solution (Resco)

-Optimize UCI work order product mobile form for technicians.
-Clean up mobile content & visual hierarchy.
-North star version of field service mobile experience.


-Platform team is making a hybrid solution for mobile experience which combining UCI and native mobile components (iOS & Android), but for sales only, as field service has a totally different set of users, some of the controls are not compatible with technician's mobile experience, examples like offline solution and bigger forms because majority of them have technician hands.

Competitive Analysis
Information Architecture (Work Order Product)

Work order is the biggest part of field service, there are some feature parities across mobile and web. As for technicians, they don't need all the entites on web, it's crucial to clean up the content hierarchy in order to optimize mobile in-field experience.

Actions (Contextual & Global)
Field Entites (Work Order Product)
Platform Controls limitations

Platform chose to use ellipses as both contextual and global action, which is not an intuitive solution for mobile, expecially for technicians, they are hard to find and navigate also requires extra steps to open up the drop down menu. Other components like checkbox and button are not mobile friendly as well.

Revised Iterations

Working closely with platform when they are making new controls for mobile, largely use native app components rather than just build responsive experience.