Program Dashboard

MY ROLES: Product Designer; Researcher

Project Brief

With the age of head coaches/ assistant coaches becoming increasingly younger and paired with the expectations of modern web technologies we want to move in the direction of providing coach/ leader tools to view more robust, but easy to consume data during and after their campaign.

Problem Statement

Leaders do not have a way to view fundraise metrics on v2 because it was originally displayed on the fundraiser page.


-Provide the group leader relevant information that will increase participation of their team during the campaign.
-Increase engagement with platform / active users to the platform.
-Use Amplitude to analyze adoption and use by group leaders.
-Are they logging in and consuming the information?

V1 Scope

User Stories

-Leader: I want to quickly be able to see how my students are doing so I can hold them accountable.

-Sales Rep: I want to quickly be able to see how a group's student's are doing so I can help the leader hold students accountable.


Participant Table: By showing each student's progress next to each other, the group leader will quickly know how well the group is doing as whole.

Group Size: By showing the signed up total compared to the group size, the leader can see if they have anyone missing.

Group Participation: This will help show the overall health of the fundraiser participation.

Total Raised: A leader will want to see this on both the fundraiser and dashboard.

Top Underperformers: The group leader will instantly know who to contact to hold accountable (send more quality emails).

Top Performers: The group leader will instantly know who to high five and use as an example to other students.


-Design system is an ongoing project, need to keep the consistency between responsive mobile and desktop by using the same reusable UI components.

-Leaders have a greater concept of Participation %, may be inclined to game the system, previously their participation % was less obvious, this could encourage leaders to falsify their group size in the same way reps have been.

User Testing
- "Poor Effort" sounds negative
- No one uses the primary recommendation CTA
- Might works better if put explanations outside tooltip
- Missing participants is confusing
- No one is reading money message
- No one knows what emails pending is
- Coaches want to share a screenshot of the dashboard
- Add text message


How many coaches use it, and how often


How many students are visiting the page from the email, and how many of them add new emails

Future Considerations

- Better email validation
- Show student photo for quality check
- Refactor how groups is used
- Remove participants (does not change group size)
- Viewable and possibly editable onboarding details
- Referrals